Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sexy lesbian science fiction by A.E. Ducheau

I'm new to the online erotica scene, but so far, it seems lesbian science fiction is a pretty niche genre, and good, original examples are few and far between.  I was happy to stumble upon this gem by A.E. Ducheau:

The Celestial Academy

Set on a spaceship in an alternate universe that successfully combines steampunk, science fiction, and hot, kinky lesbian sex, "The Celestial Academy" is an erotic venture into unexplored territory.  I was riveted by the obviously well-thought out, complex, and fresh plot line.  The story follows main character Mei, an adorable chinese/caucasian teen who is subservient to her European masters.  The Pupils, the European noble women who make up the ruling class of the ship, oppress and sexually dominate the Scegs, young half-breeds who function as servants and repairwomen to keep their celestial home functioning and space worthy.  Mei is subject to sexual experiments at the hands of the ship scientist, as well as brutal (and hot) domination by the other Pupils.

 "The Celestial Academy" is quite the worthy read in the lesbian sic-fi erotica genre.  It's not only sexy, but fascinating from start to finish for the unique universe, and the social/cultural horizons Ducheau explores.

It's available for free on Smashwords, so if you don't download it, you are just lazy!  Get it, read it, and rate it.  Don't forget to promote the authors you like, not just lurk!  Happy writers put out more awesome erotic fiction than those who are neglected by their fans.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Neveus: Innocence Lost FREE on Smashwords

Amazon doesn't allow me to put items up for "free," and to promote my series, I wanted to make the first part free so that people will actually read it instead of shying away from an un-reviewed book with a price tag.  So, without further ado, here is the first installment for $0.00 on Smashwords!

Neveus: Innocence Lost

Reviews, good, bad, or in between, are all welcome.  Enjoy!  :)

Neveus: Corrupted Prize-- Part 2 of the Neveus series

Part 2 of the Neveus series is up for free on Smashwords!  Download it here:

Neveus: Corrupted Prize

Alyma, a lowly digger, has been captured and made a sex slave to Lady Samhala, Duchess of a Highborn house on the arctic planet of Neveus. An unexpected turn of events leads Samhala to introduce Alyma to new pleasures, most in ways Alyma has never dreamed of, others provided by advanced technology. Alyma is in turmoil as she is torn between her uncontrollable lust for the Lady, her conflicting dream of escape, and her vow to exact poetic vengeance should she ever have the chance. 

Female/female. Warning: contains sex slavery, anal, light BDSM/bondage, explicit lesbian sex, domination/submission, and non-consensual turned-consensual. Not for readers under 18. 

Please take the time to leave a review if you read it.  I hope to someday make a little money with my erotica.  I put many long hours of effort into it, so if you like it (or don't), let me know!  I'll appreciate any review, whether its 1 star, 5 stars, or anything in between.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Neveus: Innocence Lost

Neveus: Innocence Lost  is the first installment of an ongoing erotic series.  It's also my first publication on Amazon Kindle!

The story takes place on a frozen planet far in the future.  Colonists on the planet are divided between two classes: the extremely wealthy, powerful, and mysterious Highborn, and the poor and underprivileged "diggers" who labor to uncover the ancient alien ruins that cover the surface of Neveus.  Alyma, a lowly digger, is unexpectedly abducted by the Highborn and taken to one of their strongholds, where she discovers their kinky inner culture.

The Highborn are ashamed of nothing, and Alyma witnesses and experiences erotic acts she could hardly dream of.  You will too, if you read it!